Corey Rubin


Teaching Philosophy

 After over 38 years of playing and performing music and over 34 years of teaching, I have found that many things around us have changed, but people’s desire to learn and grow has not.

 Whether a child or adult, male or female, we all have had a desire to achieve something in the Arts! What kind of art is unimportant but the concepts of learning always remains the same.

 Having a positive experience, enjoying self-discovery, and most

importantly having fun on your journey is crucial in your success!  

 As people we expect ourselves to have some ability to play music without being taught, or any training. Why? Without the proper foundation or building blocks, expecting to succeed in doing something well is improbable. 

 With music being an art form, there is no right or wrong but there are proper skills that will absolutely help you achieve your goals. Step by step, learning to crawl before we walk, is essential to all of our success.   

 Art in general is the colors that brighten the world around us, the spice that flavors our taste buds, and the emotions that inspire our creativity.   

 As a simple reminder, we as people only regret things we haven’t followed through with or more regrettably what we have never tried!

I have been teaching Guitar, Bass, Piano and Drums for over 32 years and former proprietor of Bobagrees Downtown Music School in New Port Richey. My dedication to my craft is 2nd to none.  

I also am the Lesson Coordinator at Sam Ash music in Clearwater, however because the Covid situation the Learning Center is temporarily closed.

Currently I'm teaching full time doing online virtual lessons on Zoom, FaceTime or Skype.

Call today to schedule a lesson @ (727)-846-3700

Performing with Alan, Dallas and Nick at Sam Ash in Clearwater Fl.