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I have been taking guitar lessons with Corey for three years. While he has taught me to play, he has also taught me much about patience and persistence. There have been many times when I have been frustrated because I felt I wasn't very good and every time he would address my issues with humor and understanding. Corey has not given up on me and he has not allowed me to given up on myself. Phyllis Pepper

Deborah Brown - I have been listening to you sing and play for a long time. Whether in a group or singing solo, you are a marvelous entertainer! Thank you!!


I just wanted to let you know that we have really enjoyed your presence whenever we come to Sam Ash for my children's music lessons. You have always greeted us with a big smile regardless of any situation you might have going on behind the scene. I've enjoyed speaking to you about my goals and my ambition for my children. I feel that you have one of the best personality's I've ever met. You have the uniqueness of a leader that represents high quality. You are great with children and thrive to make them more outgoing and open up to you. I think that you are an asset to Sam Ash and they are very lucky to have you. 


Manina Bosworth

Anji Kozikowski Corey Rubin is a wonderful guitar instructor! He easily tailors each lesson to each student's ability and style of learning, while making it incredibly fun! As a fellow musician, he also provides valuable support and guidance to aspiring musicians in the art of performing, marketing, public relations, and of course, the finer points of entertainment. He's a wonderful teacher, mentor and friend!

Pat Hudson I have listened to you for years, you entertained me at my birthday party and I would hire you or listen to you in a NY minute!

It's always great to see someone so passionate about what they do for a living, even better to call him your friend. Bryan Stafford     

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